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XECS Pictures

Photos of instrumentation and tower
at Xcel Energy's Comanche Station

Xcel Comanche Station
Comanche Power Station entrance
Station Instrumentation
RSR2, tipping bucket rain gauge, and wind instruments on tower (NW view).
Augustyn and RSR
Jim Augustyn confirms pyranometer is level.
Augustyn and RSR
Jim making final installation checks.
Wind Set
Installing wind set.
Wind Set
Tom and Vic install wind set behind (north) of RSR2.
Wind Set
Wind instruments installed.
NIP for RSR2 calibration
Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer (NIP) in solar tracker on table is used to check RSR2 pyranometer calibration on site.
Alicia and Tom
Alicia and Tom review operations and maintenance.
Southwest view
Looking southwest
Eastern view
Looking east
WNW View
Looking west northwest
We are done!