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US Virgin Islands
St. Thomas

Latitude: 18.31o North
Longitude: 64.88o West
Elevation: 49 meters AMSL
Time Zone: -4.0

Data sets currently available at the US Virgin Islands Bovoni measurement station

US Virgin Islands
St. Croix

Latitude: 17.71o North
Longitude: 64.69o West
Elevation: 28 meters AMSL
Time Zone: -4.0

Data sets currently available at the US Virgin Islands Longford measurement station

† These hourly timeseries datasets were generated by AWSTruepower who simulated wind speeds over the USVI using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model version 3.5. Initial and updated boundary conditions were provided by the ERA-Interim reanalysis dataset. Further details regarding these datasets can be found in the AWSTruepower Map Memo (936 KB PDF).

USVI Wind Maps

USVI Shapefiles

Previous NREL and EDIN efforts pertinent to the development of renewable energy projects and integration in the US Virgin Islands can be found in the links below. Developers are highly encouraged to invest time to understand these previous efforts as development of any energy project in the USVI requires careful consideration of many different aspects that will influence a projects viability. Additional USVI data sets can also be found in the NREL Wind Prospector

Any publication based in whole or in part on these data sets should cite the data source as:

Roberts, O.; Andreas, A.; (1997). United States Virgin Islands:
St. Thomas & St. Croix (Data); NREL Report No. DA-5500-64451.

For more information about USVI contact: Owen Roberts
For more information about this website or the data contact: Afshin Andreas