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NREL Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (RaZON+)

NREL Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (RaZON+)

Latitude: 39.7423o North
Longitude: 105.1785o West
Elevation: 1828.8 AMSL
Time Zone: MST

Data sets currently available on SRRL RaZON web site Additional information or data

The Kipp & Zonen RaZON+ offers an inexpensive option of measuring solar radiation resources for renewable energy applications. The RaZON+ uses Kipp & Zonen smart thermopile sensors to measure the direct and diffuse solar irradiance. The control and data acquisition system computes the corresponding global solar irradiance based on the geographic location of the RaZON+ and the time of the data collection events.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) obtained an RaZON+ from Kipp & Zonen in February 2017. The instrument was installed at the Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL). The long-term performance of the RaZON+ will be compared to traditional thermopile-based radiometers located at SRRL.

For more information about SRRL RaZON+ contact: Aron Habte
For more information about this website or the data contact: Afshin Andreas