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Schott RSP Instrument Descriptions and Histories

Model Measurement
Notes (below)
Units Install
LI-200 Global Horizontal W/m2 10/12/2001 - PY37627 10.35 W/m2/mV
Measured using a LICOR LI-200 Pyranometer.
LI-200 Diffuse Horizontal W/m2 10/12/2001 - PY37627 10.35 W/m2/mV
Measured using the above LI-200, when band rotates every minute and blocks the sun.
(calc) Direct Normal W/m2 10/12/2001 - - -
Calculated using Global and Diffuse measurement.
? Temperature oC 10/12/2001 - - -
Outside air temperature
RTD PY Temperature oC 10/12/2001 - - -
Temperature of LICOR LI-200 Pyranometer measured by an RTD using a 3-Wire Half Bridge.
(calc) Zenith Angle o 10/12/2001 - - -
Solar zenith angle calculated by RSP datalogger program.
(calc) Airmass - 10/12/2001 - - -
Airmass (pressure corrected) calculated by RSP datalogger program.
- RSP Battery Voltage V 10/12/2001 - - -
The RSP Battery powers the datalogger and the shadowband, it is charged by a PV panel.
- Switch Voltage V 10/12/2001 - - 0.001
The voltage reading of an unknown switch.
- DHI Correction W/m2 10/12/2001 - - -
Diffuse Horizontal Correction Offset.
- C (DNI) - 10/12/2001 - - -
Direct Normal Correction Factor to account for slow time varying diffuse. If C > 1, then diffuse is dropping.
- Fα, FA, FB, FC - 10/12/2001 - - -
Factors used to correct global, which is a combination of the King Correction Algorithm and an algorithm to eliminate the "cat ear" effect of Li-Cor sensors at low angles.
- Well Width Index 10/12/2001 - - -
When shadowband rotates, the CR10X measures the LICOR sensor in burst mode (very high sample rate), when the band blocks the light a "well" in the irradiance level is created. The well width is the number of readings that were taken when the LICOR is shaded by the shadowband.
- Minimum Address Index 10/12/2001 - - -
The CR10X memory address defining the location of a minimum.
- Error Flag counts 10/12/2001 - - -
Error flag counter for instrument errors. This must be reset to zero manually after a problem occurs.