SRRL BMS data has changed over the years, therefore there
are different fields available at certain time frames.

Custom monthly data is not working on the public MIDC server.
NREL employees can use the internal MIDC server.
All other users must use the full monthly data sets or the daily data sets.

Select the desired time frame:
July 1981 through June 1983
October 1984 through March 1985
April 1985 through February 1988
March 1988 through December 1996
January 1997 through December 1998
January 1999 through July 2000
August 2000 through October 2000
November 2000 through December 2003
January 2004 through December 2005
January 2006 through June 2008
July 2008 through May 2012
June 2012 through December 2014