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USVI Bovoni 2 Daily Raw Data: Field IDs
December 13, 2012 to August 25, 2014

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Field #
2Year -
3DOY -
4AST -
5CR1000 Temp oC
6CR1000 Battery VDC
7Wind Speed (58m 45TN) m/s
8Pk Wind Speed (58m 45TN) m/s
9SDev Wind Speed (58m 45TN) m/s
10Wind Speed (58m 135TN) m/s
11Pk Wind Speed (58m 135TN) m/s
12SDev Wind Speed (58m 135TN) m/s
13Wind Speed (47m 45TN) m/s
14Pk Wind Speed (47m 45TN) m/s
15SDev Wind Speed (47m 45TN) m/s
16Wind Speed (47m 135TN) m/s
17Pk Wind Speed (47m 135TN) m/s
18SDev Wind Speed (47m 135TN) m/s
19Wind Speed (32m 45TN) m/s
20Pk Wind Speed (32m 45TN) m/s
21SDev Wind Speed (32m 45TN) m/s
22Wind Speed (32m 135TN) m/s
23Pk Wind Speed (32m 135TN) m/s
24SDev Wind Speed (32m 135TN) m/s
25Wind Direction (58m) deg
26SDev Wind Direction (58m) deg
27Wind Direction (32m) deg
28SDev Wind Direction (32m) deg
29Temperature (2m) oC
30Station Pressure mBar
31Global Horizontal W/m2

These raw data files were downloaded
directly from the datalogger using
Campbell Scientific LoggerNet.

Real-time data collection is quality checked
using min/max and delta comparisons.

Note: Some sites may be merged from several dataloggers
and/or contain post-proccessed fields.