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UO PV Daily Raw Data: Field IDs
July 8, 2020 to Present

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Field #
5Global 2-Axis ATO (Avg) W/m2
6Global 2-Axis EET (Avg) W/m2
7Global 2-Axis IKS (Avg) W/m2
8Global 2-Axis NES (Avg) W/m2
9Global 2-Axis IMT (Avg) W/m2
10ATO 2A Signal mV
11EET 2A Signal mV
12IKS 2A Signal mV
13NES 2A Signal mV
14IMT 2A Signal mV
15ATO 2A Temp oC
16EET 2A Temp oC
17IKS 2A Temp oC
18NES 2A Temp oC
19IMT 2A Temp oC
20Global Horiz ATO (Avg) W/m2
22Global Horiz IKS (Avg) W/m2
24Global Horiz IMT (Avg) W/m2
25Global 2-Axis ATF (Avg) W/m2
26ATO HZ Signal mV
28IKS HZ Signal mV
30IMT HZ Signal mV
31ATF 2A Signal mV
32ATO HZ Temp oC
34EET 2A-Voc Temp oC
35IKS HZ Temp oC
37IMT HZ Temp oC
38ATF 2A Temp oC
39Zenith Angle o
40Azimuth Angle o
41Logger Temp oC
42Logger Battery VDC
43Logger Pgm. Time s
44Global 2-Axis SPLite2 (Avg) W/m2
45Global 2-Axis LI200R (Avg) W/m2
46Global 2-Axis CMP22 (Avg) W/m2
47Global Horiz SPLite2 (Avg) W/m2
48Global Horiz LI200 (Avg) W/m2
49Tracker Mode  

These raw data files were downloaded
directly from the datalogger using
Campbell Scientific LoggerNet.

Real-time data collection is quality checked
using min/max and delta comparisons.

Note: Some sites may be merged from several dataloggers
and/or contain post-proccessed fields.