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Welcome to the Measurement and Instrumentation
Data Center (MIDC), providing Irradiance and
Meteorological Data from these stations:
   NREL Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (BMS)
   NREL National Wind Technology Center (M2)
   NREL Vehicle Testing and Integration Facility RSR
   Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC)
   University of Oregon (SRML)
   University of Louisiana at Lafayette
   SOLRMAP University of Arizona (OASIS)
   SOLRMAP Southwest Solar Research Park
   SOLRMAP La Ola Lanai (RSR)
   SOLRMAP Kalaeloa Oahu (RSR)
   SOLRMAP Tri-State Escalante (RSR)
   SOLRMAP Loyola Marymount University (RSR)
   SOLRMAP Utah Geological Survey - State Energy Program (Cedar City)
   SOLRMAP Utah Geological Survey - State Energy Program (Milford)
   SOLRMAP Sun Spot Two - Swink (RSR)
   Oahu Solar Measurement Grid
   Sun Spot One - San Luis Valley (RSR)
   Nevada Power Clark Station
   University of Nevada - Las Vegas
   Lowry Range Solar Station (RSR)
   Xcel Energy Comanche Station (RSR)
   Oak Ridge National Laboratory (RSR)
   US Virgin Islands Bovoni 2
   US Virgin Islands Longford
   Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA)
   Sacramento Municipal Utility District (Anatolia)
   University of Texas Panamerican Solar Radiation Lab
   Humboldt State University (SoRMS)
   Elizabeth City State University
   Bluefield State College
   South Park Mountain Data
   San Clemente Island Data
   Lamar Low-Level Jet Project
   ARM Radiometer Characterization System (RCS)
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