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SRRL SolarSIM-G Instrument Descriptions and Histories

Model Measurement
Notes (below)
Units Install
SolarSIM-G SolarSIM-G Channels 1 through 9 mV 04/30/2021 - 1057 see database
Raw signal from each narrow band direct normal spectral channel. Each channel uses a hard coated 10nm bandpass filter at the following wavelengths: 420, 500, 610, 675, 880, 940nm. Note: Channel 1, 8, and 9 are confidential.
SolarSIM-G SolarSIM-G Internal Temperature and Relative Humidity oC
04/30/2021 - - -
The SolarSIM-G internal temperature and relative humdity. The SolarSIM-G is a sealed instrument with desicant, so the RH should be below 30% at all times.
SolarSIM-G Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Station Pressure oC
04/30/2021 - - -
Air Temperature and Station Pressure as measured by SolarSIM-G.
- Time Zone hr 04/30/2021 - - -
Time zone is a required input in raw data file for the spectral model (SolarSG software).
- Logger Battery Voltage V 04/30/2021 - - -
CR800 battery voltage; logger battery is charged by AC adapter.
- Logger Panel Temperature oC 04/30/2021 - - -
CR800 panel temperature; logger is located in SRRL data lab.
- Zenith Angle V 04/30/2021 - - -
Zenith Angle as calculated by CR800 Solar Position function. Data from the SolarSIM-G is only collected during daylight hours (Z<90).
SolarSG Global Horizontal, Zenith Angle (various) 04/30/2021 - - -
Broadband Global Horizontal Irradiance and Solar Zenith Angle as calculated by the SolarSG spectral model during MIDC post processing.