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Oak Ridge National Laboratory Instrument Descriptions and Histories

Model Measurement
Notes (below)
Units Install
LI-200 Global Horizontal W/m2 09/12/2007 - PY56911 10.2 W/m2/mV
Measured using a LICOR LI-200 Pyranometer mounted on an Irradiance Inc. Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR). RSR mounted on the roof of a two story building (approx 33 feet tall); LI-200 sensor height is approx. 39.5 feet above ground level.
LI-200 Diffuse Horizontal W/m2 09/12/2007 - PY56911 10.2 W/m2/mV
Measured using the above LI-200, when RSR band rotates every 30-seconds and blocks the sun.
(calc) Direct Normal W/m2 09/12/2007 - - FD = 1.0
Calculated using Global and Diffuse measurement.
CS215 Dry Bulb Temperature and Relative Humidity oC 09/12/2007 - - N/A
Outside air temperature and relative humidity inside in a naturally aspirated radiation shield mounted approx. 37.5 feet above ground level on roof.
03001 Wind Speed and Wind Direction m/s 09/12/2007 - - 0.75 m/s/Hz+0.2m/s
355 o/mV
Measured by an RM Young 3-cup anemometer and vane is mounted approx 42 feet above ground level on roof. Peak Wind Speed is also recorded, which is the maximum 5-sec anemometer reading during the 1-minute interval.
TB4 Precipitation Gauge (tipping bucket) mm 10/22/2007 - - 0.254 mm/count
The Hydrological Services TES525 tipping bucket precipitation gauge is mounted approx. 38.5 feet above ground level on the roof. The accumulated daily precipitation is also recorded.
(calc) Est. Pressure mBar 09/12/2007 - - -
The station pressure is calculated by the RSR datalogger program. This estimation is based on the site elevation and air temperature.
- RSR Battery Voltage V 09/12/2007 - - -
The RSR Battery powers the datalogger and the shadowband, it is charged by a PV panel.
- CR800 Temperature oC 09/12/2007 - - -
Temperature of CR800 datalogger panel.
(calc) Direct Normal (Bird Estimated) W/m2 09/12/2007 - - -
Estimated Direct Normal using the Bird Clear Sky Model
  • Data Sample rate is every 5 seconds with 1-minute average output.
  • The CR800 is a table based operating system, data is converted from table to array format after datacollection, also any non-numeric values are converted to -99999.
  • The datalogger program runs using greenwich mean time (GMT), data is converted to Eastern Standard Time (EST) after datacollection.