MIDC/AIM Location Database
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R#Serial NumberMeasurementInstall DateLocationNotesDate RemovedStateOwnerInstrument_Virtual::MakeInstrument_Virtual::ModelMIDC ID
1140711Diffuse Horizontal09/01/2017ULLMounted under the shading ball of a Model Solys-2 tracker. LAULKipp & ZonenCMP10DH
2121003Direct Normal09/01/2017ULLMounted on model Solys-2 tracker. LAULKipp & ZonenCHP1DN
3HMP60Dry Bulb Temperature and Relative Humidity09/01/2017ULLLAULCampbell ScientificHMP60TRH
4140670Global Horizontal09/01/2017ULL LAULKipp & ZonenCMP10GH
5185511Global POA06/19/2019ULLGlobal Plane of Array, installed in CVU ventilator and tilted 25 degrees south. LAULKipp & ZonenCMP10POA
6TB4Precipitation09/01/2017ULLThe daily accumulated precipitation was added on 9-26-2018.LAULCampbell ScientificTB4RAIN
7CS100Station Pressure09/01/2017ULLLAULCampbell ScientificCS100PRESS
803002Wind Speed and Wind Direction09/01/2017ULLAverage wind speed and direction vector during the 1-minute period. The 1-second peak wind speed during the minute was added on 9-26-2018.LAULCampbell Scientific03002WS