MIDC/AIM Location Database
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R#Serial NumberMeasurementInstall DateLocationNotesDate RemovedStateOwnerInstrument_Virtual::MakeInstrument_Virtual::ModelMIDC ID
1S17110.03Global Solar Tracking Spectral Data (MS-711)08/24/2018UOSPEC1AEKO MS-711 Spectroradiometer with traceability to NIST Standard of Spectral Irradiance Lamps. The MS-711 instrument has 6.5nm spectral bandwidth and the detector is maintained at 25oC +/- 1oC. Data above 1050nm is unusable and should be ignored, in addition, data above 1000nm has much higher uncertainty. The instruments original data output interval is collected by a CR800 datalogger and is linear interpolated to 1nm. The instrument is mounted on an STR-32G solar tracker which is operating in 1-Axis Solar Tracking Mode (controlled by a CR3000 data logger). 01/11/2019ORNRELEKOMS-711UOSPEC1A
2S18007.10Global Solar Tracking Spectral Data (MS-711)01/11/2019UOSPEC1AOn 6-AUG-2019, the data scan rate was changed from 5 minutes to every 1 minute. On 13-JUL-2020, the tracker was switched to 2-axis solar tracking mode (controlled internally by tracker). ORNRELEKOMS-711UOSPEC1A