MIDC/Data Quality Statements
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R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMS200601SkyCam05/08/201713:30:00Protective dome for SRRL SkyCam was destroyed by heavy hail storm at SRRL. SkyCam has been removed from service.
2BMS200601SkyCam01/17/200612:00:0006/22/200610:00:00The SRRL SkyCam images during very sunny conditions look wierd (sun area is kind of blotchy), due to camera being jerry-rigged using mismatched electronics. The Camera was replaced with a recently acquired used "mint condition" camera (same make and model) at 11:00 MST on June 22.
3BMS200105SkyCam12/05/200515:00:0001/17/200611:00:00The electronics in the SRRL SkyCam may have been damaged during the cold spells we had in December 2005. The web camera has a tendancy too loose USB connnectivity during the day (every day). The result is the WebCam software keeps duplicating the last valid image (with an updated time stamp). The USB connection has to be disconnected and reconnected manually to get an updated image. Unit is currently being troubshooted with spare parts from the old web camera with a damaged CCD. Which fixed the connectivity problem, however high intesity objects (the sun) looks wierd.
4BMS199909SkyCam12/10/199913:00:0002/01/200016:30:00The SRRL SkyCam was moved temporarily indoors during the transition from the old instrument deck to the new instrument deck.