MIDC/Data Quality Statements
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R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMSPrecipitation01/12/201100:00:0004/21/201114:21:00SRRL BMS Rain Gauge was found damaged early the morning of January 12. Somebody had driven a vehicle over the tripod leg supporting the sensor. The leg was bent and flexible conduit containing the signal cable was broken off the sensor. Sensor will read zero until the gauge is repaired and relocated, which may not be until construction at SRRL is complete. On April 21, the sensor was repaired and temporarily located in a place that hopefully won't be in the way of construction. The data from the Precipitation sensor was reconstructed on June 9 using data from the SRRL RSR2 (Vaisala WXT520 s/n F2650004).
2BMSPrecipitation11/01/200000:00:0011/06/200014:46:00The Precipitation gauge is not functioning, awaiting a replacement magnetic switch.