MIDC/Data Quality Statements
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R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMSGlobal 90-West PSP05/11/202117:42:0005/12/202112:54:00The relay multiplexer on the SRRL BMS radiometer tower had a problem (old age/possible moisture) causing the (4) Vertical PSPs to read bogus.
2BMSGlobal 90-West PSP09/25/202009:07:0012/15/202119:31:00DATA CORRECTED on 12/17/2021: Irradiances were increased by 0.675% due to revised BORCAL report for all BMS shortwave radiometers calibrated in 2020 and 2021.
3BMS31398F3Global 90-West PSP01/12/201104:41:0001/12/201109:17:00Instrument was reading a large negative number during this time. Connection at multiplexer was removed and re-tightened which seemed to fix the problem.
4BMS28400F3Global 90-West PSP04/23/201016:20:0005/07/201000:00:00There is a large night time offset (up to -40 W/m^2) on the BMS Global 90-West PSP which started April 23 @ 16:20 MST. The channel was shorted at various times on April 30 for troubleshooting. No problem was found with the channel or cabling. Moisture was observed in the dome, therefore it is assumed that there is also moisture in the body of the instrument that is causing the problem. Instrument appears to have dried out on 5/6/2010. Instrument was later swapped out on 9/8/2010 after the first BORCAL was completed.