MIDC/Data Quality Statements
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R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMSGlobal 90-South PSP05/11/202117:42:0005/12/202112:54:00The relay multiplexer on the SRRL BMS radiometer tower had a problem (old age/possible moisture) causing the (4) Vertical PSPs to read bogus.
2BMS18035F3Global 90-South PSP03/04/202109:38:0003/04/202110:16:00Instrument was removed from service during this time so that the outer dome could be replaced. It had a gray mark that could not be removed. It is unknown how long the gray mark was there, but it was not there when the instrument was installed after calibration on 9/25/2020.
3BMSGlobal 90-South PSP09/25/202009:07:0012/15/202119:31:00DATA CORRECTED on 12/17/2021: Irradiances were increased by 0.675% due to revised BORCAL report for all BMS shortwave radiometers calibrated in 2020 and 2021.
4BMSGlobal 90-South PSP06/14/200400:00:0011/30/200523:59:00There were two guy wires on the SRRL BMS radiometer tower which would shade the Global 90-South PSP & LI-200 twice during the day for about 5 minutes (different times for each instrument). The guy wires were moved on 11/30/2005 to a location below the instruments to prevent the shading from occuring.