MIDC/Data Quality Statements
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R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMSPRS158Direct LI-180010/01/200211:00:0010/18/200207:55:00The SRRL LI-1800 Direct Normal Data is low by about 3. The LI-1800 fiber probe was removed for service on Oct 8 @ 10:59 MST. Water and dirt leaked into the lens housing of the fiber probe which is attenuating the signal. The fiber was cleaned and returned to service on Oct 18.
2BMSPRS158Direct LI-180006/01/200200:00:0008/23/200215:25:00A problem with the Direct LI-1800 was discovered, it has been reading very low since June 1. The unit was removed from service on Aug 23 @ 8:00 MST for calibration. During calibration it was found that the fiber was reading 25 times low, because the old fiber cable (S/N QFP609) was damaged, the protective sleave had worked loose and the fibers were exposed at the end, which revealed about 4 broken fibers, also water had entered at this point and stained the lens at the other end (where it connects to the Licor). A replacement fiber (S/N QFP107-8304) was obtained for this calibration. The unit was returned to service on Aug 23 @ 15:25 MST with the new fiber probe. Note: This problem with the probe was getting worse over time (from June 1 to Aug 23) and it can not be corrected easily (since water was leaking in).
3BMSPRS158Direct LI-180006/27/200100:00:0006/27/200109:30:00The tracker that the Direct LI-1800 is mounted on, jammed (due to the Direct TUVR) and was not following the sun during this time.
4BMSPRS158Direct LI-180006/01/200100:00:0007/06/200106:45:00We have been experiancing data corruption of the LI-1800 Direct Normal, which started happening when we've been experiencing these higher temperatures above 30 C (start date is approximate). The instrument evetually stops responding and is unable to collect data until the next morning. An RS-232 communication chip was replaced in the Direct LI-1800 spectroradiometer on July 6 @ 6:45 MST. The instrument is no longer experiencing the data corruption at temperatures over 30 degrees C.|
5BMSPRS158Direct LI-180004/30/200107:37:0007/03/200113:23:00A temporary direct normal tube connected to the end of the bare end of the LICOR fiber cable was used until the FINAL tube was completed by the NREL machine shop. The temporary tube had an occasional moisture leak. The temporary tube's field of view may have also been slightly impared by a black paper that was used inside the tube.