Solar Radiation
Research Laboratory


Latitude: 39.742o North
Longitude: 105.18o West
Elevation: 1828.8 meters AMSL

Data sets currently available on SRRL YES MFR web site

A Multi-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (Model MFR-7) offers a low cost option of measuring solar radiation resources for renewable energy applications. The MFR is a thermopile-based instrument that measures the global and diffuse solar irradiance. The instrument also includes independent interference filter-photodiodes to measure the spectral irradiance at six different wavelengths. The control and data acquisition system computes the corresponding direct normal solar irradiance based on the geographic location of the MFR and the time of the data collection events.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) obtained an MFR from Yankee Environmental Systems in January 2012 for evaluation. This instrument is installed at the Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL).

By design, the MFRs offer the potential advantages of lower maintenance and calibration costs because they use a single instrument with a diffuser for determining the direct, diffuse, and global solar irradiance rather than up to three radiometers with larger optical surfaces, more complex support equipment, or more maintenance-intensive support equipment.

For more information about the SRRL MFR contact: Steve Wilcox
For more information about this website or the data contact: Afshin Andreas