LI-COR LI-1800 Spectroradiometer

LI-COR LI-1800 Spectroradiometer The LI-1800 provides a fast, accurate method to obtain spectral radiation measurements in the field or in the laboratory. Its compact design, internal microcomputer and innovative optical design provide the versatility to meet a wide variety of applications.

The LI-1800 optical system has three major components - a filter wheel, holographic grating monochromator and a silicon detector. The holographic grating monochromator has a wavelength range of 300-1100 nm (300-850nm optional) and has selectable wavelength drive intervals of 1,2,5,or 10 nm. The instrument's high efficiency silicon detector and autoranging electronics allow scanning rates of over 30 nm per second.

LI-1800 Theory of Operation (178 KB PDF, excerpt from manual)

LI-COR has discontinued the LI-1800.
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