NPCS Pictures

Photos of instrumentation and collectors
at Nevada Power's Clark Station

Nevada Power Clark Station
Portion of Nevada Power Clark Station near Las Vegas, Nevada as seen from the weather station.
Weather station operations
Weather station operations: (L/R) Gary, Tom, Rik, Mary Jane, and Pete
Weather station installation
Weather station installation completed by (L/R) Rik, Allison, and Pete.
Weather station & Amonix
Weather station at entrance building in view of Amonix systems.
Back of two Amonix
Back of two Amonix integrated high-concentration photovoltaic arrays (25KW each).
One of three Amonix Integrated High-concentration Photovoltaic (IHCPV) arrays operating at the Clark Power Station.
Amonix Integrated High-concentration Photovoltaic (IHCPV) arrays focus solar radiation onto high-efficiency PV cells.
Amonix Tracking and support structure
Tracking and support structure of the Amonix collector
Amonix integrated high-concentration photovoltaic arrays
Amonix integrated high-concentration photovoltaic arrays
Amonix Profile
Profile of Amonix concentrating PV system
Amonix integrated high-concentration photovoltaic arrays
Two Amonix
Two Amonix concentrating photovoltaic systems
Amonix at noon
Amonix concentrating photovoltaic systems near solar noon
Group Photo
Weather station crew: (L/R) Allison Gray, Pete Gotseff, Tom Stoffel, Mary Jane Hale, Gary Wood and Rik Hurt
Group Photo
Weather station operations: (L/R) Tom, Allison, Mary Jane, Pete, Gary, and Rik
Group Photo
(L/R) Allison, Nancy, Gary, Mary Jane, and Tom
Group Photo
Allison Gray and Rik Hurt from the University of Nevada Las Vegas
Data acquisition installation
Rik completes data acquisition system installation
Meteorological sensors
The weather station includes air temperature and relative humidity sensors mounted in naturally aspirated sun shield (left) with wind speed and wind direction instruments (right) mounted on the roof of the entrance building.
Wind Set
Tom points to wind set installed near roof level at site entrance
Gary Wood and Mary Jane Hale discuss the new weather station installation. A pyranometer (foreground) measures total hemispheric solar irradiance. A pyrheliometer on an automatic solar tracker (white) measures direct normal irradiance.
Radiometers and Tracker
Weather station components include (L/R) a pyrheliometer for measuring direct normal solar irradiance mounted in an automatic solar tracker, a pyranometer mounted on a support post for total hemispheric solar irradiance, and a tipping bucket rain gauge.
Solar Tracker
Rik inspects final installation of automatic solar tracker with pyrheliometer (left) and pyranometer mounted on support post (right). Note - the microwave communication antenna was lowered below the pyranometer field of view.
Solar Tracker
Mary Jane checks solar tracker operation
Pyrheliometer cleaning
Allison cleans the pyrheliometer window.
Clark Station Sign
Clark Photovoltaic Station Partners: Nevada Power, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Amonix, Inc., National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Bombard Electrical

Photos by Kim Adams, NREL