NELHA Instrument Descriptions and Histories

Model Measurement
Notes (below)
Units Install
CMP11 Global Horizontal W/m2 11/01/2012 04/07/2015 126933 9.40 µV/W/m2
CMP10 04/07/2015 02/09/2017 140710 8.53 µV/W/m2
CMP11 02/09/2017 - 126933 9.49 µV/W/m2
Total Hemispheric shortwave irradiance as measured by an Kipp & Zonen Model CMP10 or CMP11 Pyranometer. Note: For data prior to 12/17/2012, negative values from the thermopile sensor were set to zero by the data logger.
083E Dry Bulb Temperature and Relative Humidity oC
11/01/2012 - - -178.89 oC/mV+106.080872oC
0.1 %/mV
Outside air temperature and relative humidity inside in a naturally aspirated radiation shield mounted at 2 meters. The temperature is measured by a thermistor using the half bridge. The dewpoint temperature is calculated by the data logger using temperature and humidity.
05106 Wind Speed and Wind Direction m/s
11/01/2012 - - 0.098 m/s/Hz
355 o/mV
Measured by a marine grade R.M. Young propeller anemometer and integrated wind vane mounted at 10 meters on a Met One 970895 Tower. The peak wind speed is also recorded, which is the peak 3-second running average during the 1-minute interval.
092 Station Pressure mBar 11/01/2012 - - 0.1 mBar/mV+600mBar
The station pressure is measured by a Met One sensor mounted inside weatherproof housing.
370 Precipitation Gauge (tipping bucket) mm 11/01/2012 - - 0.25 mm/count
The accumulated daily precipitation from a Met One 370 tipping bucket.
CR1000 CR1000 Battery Voltage V 11/01/2012 - - -
The CR1000 supply voltage.
CR1000 CR1000 Temperature oC 11/01/2012 - - -
Temperature of CR1000 datalogger panel. Logger is mounted inside weatherproof enclosure.
LI-190 Global PAR µmol/s/m2 04/23/2013 04/07/2015 Q99293 -240.49 µmol/s/m2/mV (604 Ohm)
04/07/2015 02/09/2017 Q52979 -240.34 µmol/s/m2/mV (604 Ohm)
02/09/2017 - Q99293 -200.0 µmol/s/m2/mV (752 Ohm)
The LI-COR LI-190 quantum sensor measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in the 400 to 700 nm waveband.
SU-100 Global UV µmol/s/m2
04/04/2017 - 2380 5.0 µmol/s/m2/mV
1.65 W/m2/mV
The Apogee SU-100 total ultra-violet sensor measures UV in the 250 to 400 nm waveband. Data is reported in both Photon Flux Density (PFD) and Energy Flux Density.
  • Data Sample rate is every 1 seconds with 1-minute average output.
  • The CR1000 is a table based operating system, data is converted from table to classic format after data collection, also any non-numeric values are converted to -99999.