Sky Scanner

Sky Scanner Photo
Sky Scanners
  MS-300L (for luminance distribution)
  MS-300R (for radiance distribution)
  MS-300LR (for luminance and radiance distributions)

The EKO Sky Scanner measures the spatial distribution of the luminance or radiance of the entire sky automatically, by scanning a total of 145 points in only about 3.5 minutes.

luminancesensitivity50 kcd/m2 (full scale)
resolutionabout 15 cd/m2
radiancesensitivity300 W/m2sr (full scale)
resolutionabout 1.0 W/m2sr
entire sky scanning time3.5 min/145 points
resolution (angle)0.007deg.
accuracy (angle) 0.2deg.

EKO has replaced this model with a model MS-321LR.
[NREL] [MIDC] [MS-300LR]